Math 1332 Reflection 4: Functions in Spreadsheets and Graphs

At the bottom of our class links page, you will find the spreadsheets from the groups who solved the Immigration, Ozone Layer, and Population Modeling problems in class. For this reflection, you are to choose any one of these three which you did not originally solve, and analyze it as follows. First, reread the problem statement in the coursepack until you understand what the whole problem is trying to investigate. Then download the spreadsheet for that problem, and make a graph for the main process being modeled if the spreadsheet does not already have one. Now, in your reflection: A couple of quick notes: (1) If you have any difficulties, I encourage you to ask me for help. Of course, you are always welcome to work with classmates too. (2) The Population Modeling spreadsheet has the graphs already made -- but there are more than one function to interpret, so if you analyze that one, you exchange the work of making the graph for the work of explaining the additional function(s). (3) The third and fourth items above, involving types of functions, require some thought. Be sure to address them.

Due in class Tuesday, November 19, 2002.