Here are some places of interest to me.
Perhaps they will be of interest to you, too!

General Reference

* Yahoo directory of Internet resources.
* dictionaries in over 150 languages
* Encyclopedia Britannica
* Maps of everywhere!

Math stuff!

* Bard Ermentrout's "bardware" works on dynamical systems, and does a lot more for them than even big packages like Mathematica and Maple. Check 'em out! Bard's home page or the XPP home page at NIH

* UTEP's SOSmath project provides online help for students in introductory and intermediate level math courses.

* The dynamical systems project at BU has lots of cool info, including some interactive stuff about Tom Stoppard's remarkable new play Arcadia.

* BU's ODE (differential equations) project also has some things of interest.

TV and movie sites (MSCL)

* Babylon 5: the official B5 site, fan club site, or the superlative Lurker's Guide
* Doctor Who
* Party of Five: official site, fan site (recommended)
* Red Dwarf (also check out Kryten's home page or this fan site)
* SFTV page(s)
* Sony (also includes movies, music, etc.)
* Vidiot's Star Trek home page.
* the "Ultimate TV List"
* Universal/MCA home pages
* TV Guide
* Movie database at Miss. State.
* TARDIS TV & movie archives
* MovieWEB (previews of new and upcoming movies)

I'm a fan of...

* Dana Delany,
* Sheena Easton (official site, unofficial site),
* the writer Kate Elliott,
* Martina McBride,
* Olivia Newton-John,
* Pink Five
* and Weird Al! (among others whose web pages I haven't bothered to look up)

Episcopal links

* official and unofficial Episcopal Church home pages
* online Bibles (many versions and languages)
* online Book of Common Prayer (1979)
* home page for St. Luke's Episcopal Church, my home parish in Dallas, Texas

Government sites

* White House
* United States Postal Service
* State Department
* Library of Congress
* National Aeronautics and Space Administration
* Department of Education
* Social Security Administration


* MIT's Athena Consulting Stock Answers have a wealth of computer-related information.
* tables of LaTeX math symbols
* LaTeX help page
* an online LaTeX tutorial in Spanish (Session 5 on graphics is very helpful even if you don't know Spanish)
* books online
* Language home page
* French Music Database
* MIT hacks
* Roots Surname List (a genealogy database)
* Atomfilms Star Wars Fan Films
* Speaking of genealogy, there are some online Ontario cemetery records.
* And we can't forget the Mormon Church's

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Last revised December 10, 1999