NOTE TO READERS: My co-authors and I were informed about the extensive body of research that has been done to date on the diffy box problem under the name "Ducci 4-number game" only after our article had gone to press; prior to that time, our attempts (and presumably our reviewers') to research any earlier work on the topic was stymied by differences in terminology. We now see that this is not the first time this has happened for this topic, as some of the other papers in this area likewise fail to mention some of their predecessors. I was able to convince the editor to change three pages of the article proofs to incorporate at least one new reference and an acknowledgement that previous work had been done. Below I list a larger bibliography of related works, to which you should feel free to add by sending me e-mail at kribs(at)uta dot edu. Some papers address an aspect of the problem as posed in our paper; others consider variations, generalizations or related problems. My co-authors and I continue to feel that our approach to the problem offers something new.

Thanks for your interest.


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