CAMT 2011 presentation schedule for TQ participants

Monday, July 18, 2011--Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mon 9:15-10:15Pecos 2Aryn Merrill & David VeteikisMore than a Math Game!
Mon 10:30-11:30Texas 3Jennifer Ward & Dana FergusonMath Club Counts!
Mon 10:30-11:30Pecos 2Denise Duke & Jennifer WardSnazzy Math Stations
Mon 11:45-12:45Pecos 2Cindi Carter & Kim McKinleyUtilizing the Promethean Board to Teach Arithmetic Operations
Mon 2:15-3:15Pecos 2Marilyn Monroe & D'Lana McAlisterCooperative Learning Strategies in the Math Classroom
Tue 1:00-2:00Pecos 2Erin Bowland, Leslie Roper & Samantha YaoWays to Make Your Activities Measure Up
Tue 1:00-2:00Appaloosa 2Sally Kelley & Marci GuevaraInteractive Math Activities
Tue 2:15-3:15Pecos 2Alice Ballow & Mary AllenUsing Games to Build Math Fluency
Tue 3:30-4:30Pecos 2Eunice Harman & Sylvia LedesmaUsing Picture Books to Spark Student Interest in Math
Wed 11:45-12:45Pecos 2Kara Stegall-Ford & Christine NicholsFlipchart Frenzy
Wed 2:15-3:15Appaloosa 2Sally Kelley & Marci GuevaraInteractive Math Activities

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