CAMT 2008 presentation schedule for TQ participants

Friday, July 11, 2008

8:00- 9:00308EArthur Harris & Vanessa Chavarria Engaging in Rational Numbers in the Intermediate Grades
9:15-10:15329EClaire Bode & Liz Myers Problem solving with pentominoes in the intermediate grades
10:30-11:30350EJeanette McGee & Cindy Brown Math Pals: Deepening Children's Understanding of Problem Solving Strategies through Cross Grade Level Math Pen Pals
11:45-12:45367EAmy Duty & Melissa Nicholson Activities to promote multiple representations
1:00- 2:00466SCindy Wayland & Leigh Ann Pollock Get rational with irrational numbers
2:15- 3:15494SJanelle Tomasini & Cherie Haefner Mean, Median, and Mode MANIA
8:00- 9:00 309ETracy Philpot & Lisa Stultz Transformations with quilts
9:15-10:15 323EMarlyn Reeves & Rafael Gomez Higher Level Thinking In Pre-Primary Classifying and Sorting
10:30-11:30 353ELeslie Glazener & Maile Srader How big is YOUR foot?
11:45-12:45 365ECorliss Bunkley & Gustavo Martinez Multiplication mania
1:15- 2:45 242S?Theresa Jorgensen Pin the Number on the Number Line - What Numbers Actually Make Up the Real Number Line?

Tips for preparing presentations

Information current as of May 1, 2008.