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Scottish Country Dance Classes

Tuesday evenings 7:00 PM

Brian and Annie Turano, (707) 304-6584
Calendar updates on our Facebook page
Tuesday evenings 7:00 PM (1030 Elizabeth Blvd., Fort Worth, TX 76110, but please check the URL to verify calendar before coming)



Our season typically runs Labor Day through Memorial Day.
See contact information for any questions.

Description and History

Scottish country dancing is fun and only occasionally danced competitively. We leave the competing to the Highland dancers who dance the familiar Highland Fling and the Sword Dance as well as many lesser known Highland dances. Scottish country dancing is the social and ballroom dancing of Scotland with roots stretching back for centuries. The national dances of Scotland were not confined to one level of society only. On the contrary, they were danced and enjoyed in common by both laird and tenant or crofter. As the Clan Chief did, so did all his followers and family.

You don't have to be Scottish to find your foot tapping to the irresistible rhythms of our stirring reels, jigs, hornpipes and lilting strathspeys. The music, the footwork and the formation sequences set Scottish country dancing apart from the national dances of other countries. The winding figures of the dances are reminiscent of the interlaced knot-work of Celtic origin and allow each person to dance each position in turn. Although many of our dances are centuries old, new dances are continually being devised which makes our favorite pastime a living art form.

In the early twentieth century Scottish country dancing was in danger of being lost and forgotten. Enter Miss Jean Milligan and Mrs. Stewart of Fasnacloich who formed the Scottish Country Dance Society in 1923 to preserve and practice the country dances of Scotland, to collect old books and pictures illustrative of Scottish dances and to publish descriptions of country dances with diagrams and music. King George VI shortly before his death in 1951 bestowed the title of Royal on the Society and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been its patron since she was Princess Elizabeth. Today there are Scottish country dance groups the world over including such far away places as Japan and Fiji.

Find out for yourself how enjoyable SCD can be. We are a friendly bunch. The North Texas Scottish Country Dancers are available for performances.


Weekly dance classes

These photos were taken at St. Andrew's Church in Grand Prairie.

practice3.jpg practice4.jpg practice1.jpg

Live music provided at some meetings by Hi'lan' Rant

music3.jpg hilanrants.jpg

Randy on Accordion, Larry on Guitar, Dennis on Bass, Kathy on Bodhran, Mike on Fiddle

Classes at special events


Dancing has been taught at the Texas Scottish Festival the first weekend in June (May as of 2012). Our teacher Ellie Hayes and musician Mike Sonntag appear in several of these pictures.

workshop1.jpg workshop2.jpg workshop3.jpg

Dancing has also been taught at the annual Rampant Lion picnic in Arlington in April.


Scottish Balls

Formal dances are held at annual Scottish Balls:

AustinBall2002_6.jpg LittleRockBall.jpg
Austin Ball Little Rock Ball

Demonstration performances

The Scottish Country Dancers also perform dance demonstrations at local events:

scottish_country_dancers.jpg demo1.jpg demo2.jpg

The Celtic Heritage Festival
at the Bedford Boys Ranch

Demo in the Fort Worth Stockyards

for the Montessori Academy of Arlington

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Contact Information

For information about classes, meetings and events, please check our Facebook page or contact Brian and Annie Turano, (707) 304-6584.
You may also join our Yahoo Group at:

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Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

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